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Sydnee and George

Bos Estate Vineyard, by far one of the coolest wedding venues we’ve been to, sits sheltered on the North side of Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford, British Columbia. When we showed up to the site, it was hectic with people running around and setting up the outside tables, chairs and arch. We found our way around the chaos to the bride and groom to discuss the day and where to find everything, then began to setup our gear. We took a look around on where and how to begin and the view behind the arch was so eye catching but the morning was very cloudy and we hoped it wouldn’t rain tonight. We Got all the opening shots we needed and began to focus on the ceremony, we tested a new way of capturing smooth aisle shots following the wedding party as they walked down by putting a gimbal with phone control onto a tripod, the shots turned out super smooth, even better than if we were to do it by hand. Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed the ceremony, there were a few scares where we both nearly stepped into the pool with our equipment in hand, luckily we didn’t become a videographer fail. After the ceremony the couple and wedding party went behind the building and into the forest to grab couples shots and group photos. We got so much content and funny jokes that we decided to make our first bloopers reel for a couple which had tons of positive feedback. Afterwards we went to the tables and families did their speeches, threw some jokes and brought some tears to everyone’s eyes. To lighten the mood, the couple played the shoe game and that got some laughter break out as the sun started to crack through the clouds. As everyone was eating we noticed that we could get some amazing shots if the clouds just parted a little more but since the entire party was eating, we would have to wait till everyone was done, because why would anyone want footage of themselves eating. Luckily by the time everyone finished their food, we jumped to the cake cutting and the first dance. The sun came out at the perfect time and created such an amazing backlit atmosphere and is footage we still use to this day. The sun came out and really warmed up the first dance and bounced off the similes of the beautiful couple just falling in love with each other more with every step. To be honest we pay have gone a little overboard with the filming and had more cameras on than we had in hand, for example, we had a drone up, two cameras on tripods, CK running around with a camera on gimbal while tanner was grabbing BTS on this phone. Little much but we wanted to make sure we captured as much as we could. The night started coming to a close and we began to pack up but not before we hung out for a few songs and breaking it down with the couple on the dance floor. Can’t leave until we dance out our hearts with the last bit of energy we have left.We had a great time on your beautiful wedding and we are so happy to see you’ve found your soul mate! - Valley Films Team

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