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Our biggest mistake from 2023

A big part of our job is to troubleshoot issues and create the best possible outcome for the client and to do everything in our power to make everything from start to finish smooth. Last Summer, we had one of our favourite weddings of the year and didn’t know in the moment our largest mistake we’ve ever made had just happened. We continued throughout the day shooting content like normal, gathering stories and capturing memories, we would get some content that would be our best of the summer. To give you an idea, we shoot weddings with three cameras, one camera on a tripod with a shotgun mic that tracks the bride. Then a second shooter upfront and getting different angles of the couple and capturing audio up close but is always moving around so the editor has tons of shots to pick from later. Then the third camera, which at the time was a Sony a7iii which was a older model that doesn’t shoot the same file format as the other cameras blah blah blah, more info on the tech side of our blog for those interested. Basically a lower entry level camera but still shoots 4k and its main priority is to shoot the backup shots and audio in case anything happens to the other two cameras. This camera was tested to ensure the audio was good and that it would be heard from the distance that the couple was at, we tested this camera and angle for 15 minutes with no problem, Tanner had the headset on while CK would go to the arch and yap. The groom would wear a wireless microphone connected to this camera. Tests turned out well and we were ready to begin so as the families started to get seated we did another test and sure enough the audio was working, however as the last few people piled in we realized that the camera had to move back and up slightly. We did this without a second thought and begun the ceremony, which turned out amazing and tear jerking but little did we know the real tear jerking for us would be later when we found that the audio had major interference that couldn’t be fixed with editing. The audio of the couple would be fine for a few seconds then would disappear for another few seconds, jump in and then have nasty feedback then go silent again. We did our best to connect the pieces from the other cameras but the tripod camera was too far and picking up on whispering from the family and barely hear the couple whereas the camera up front moved so much that there wasn’t enough to piece together. After three weeks of attempting to fix our audio issue we had to eventually give up and tell the couple, we issued a refund for the terrible mistake and talked to the couple for ways to solve it on their end. Luckily we’ve worked with the bride before and we was an angel thought this entire learning lesson for us and only asked what we are going to do to fix it so it never happens to another couple ever again. We explained we already put a major focus on updating our audio equipment and have taken steps to learn and troubleshoot new equipment and techniques. We bought a newer updated camera as the backup camera with should solve the input recording. We bought a new wireless mic setup that is cleaner, smarter, has a further reach and better transmission technology so theres no interference. Lastly bought a direct microphone recorder so if the couple talks through a microphone then it is instantly recorded as well. We took some online courses on audio cleanup and fixing for our video editor (Davinci Resolve) so that we can troubleshoot more issues that come up in the future. We wanted to share this not to scare you but to inform that sometimes things don’t go to plan but we strive to always do our best and to constantly make improvement for ourselves and the community we work with.

We are grateful for the community we have and always want to produce the best possible video for our clients, we are also grateful for the patience given to us to fix any issues we face to then create even better content.

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