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Jess and Mike

We started out the day driving out to Hope early morning watching the sun rise and our first cups of coffee to wake us up and get us ready for the beautiful day in Hope. We pulled up to the quiet cabin and immediately introduced ourselves to the rest of the wedding crew, afterwards we started scouting and found the arch facing a beautiful mountain and river view. While the sun was still low in the sky we decided to first send out the drone to capture as much as we could of the view and the wedding venue, this was our first time using the Mavic pro __ on site for a project. This drone has three high quality 4k cameras, so we went ahead and tested different focal lengths and flew out the drone as far as we could then used the telescopic lenses creating amazing results which we ended up using in the final edit. As CK flew the drone, Tanner went out to gather the rings into one spot and set up the lights. We switched places because we both wanted to test out this new drone, so CK took over the ring shots. Throughout the day there were a lot of jokes and an amazing atmosphere to enjoy being in the moment which really made us feel relaxed for most of the day, such as a groomsman’s pants getting ripped before going up in front of both families and friends (PSA we figured it out before going up). The relaxed atmosphere helped give us time to plan out more shots, plan out lighting and to step back for a minute to make the best possible content for the couple. As we setup for the ceremony we double checked and triple checked our gear was fully powered, memory cards have enough room and microphones were connected and working. The ceremony went smoothly, we got a lot of good angles and were able to capture both wides and closeups, making the final edit look amazing. We connected very well with everyone in both families, we danced our hearts off on the dance floor. Every part of the day was shot amazingly and most of the highlights would end up being in our year end wrap up and portfolio shots. 

The speeches were some of the best we’ve heard throughout the summer, not that we judge speeches but considering we hear dozens throughout the year with all the events we cover, we could tell that these speeches were thought out. The family members were very sincere with meaning and tons of inside jokes with the bride and groom but also many of the other family members as well.

As the night was coming to an end everyone shifted over to the main dance floor to watch the first dance under the white tent filled with vintage styled light bulbs. The dance between the couple was amazing and could see them both smiling ear to ear while laughing and enjoying the moment. The father daughter and the mother son dances came up and everyone stayed quiet and respectful as they enjoyed their moments but the moment the music switched the rest of the wedding party ran onto the floor like some dance junkies ready to bust some moves. We noticed that the couple disappeared as the family began dancing and thought nothing of it other than they wanted a moment to themselves, but eventually when they came back, they had a full outfit change into some matching husband and wife sweats and just went crazy dancing with their loved ones. We ended up dancing while Jess showed off her wicked hip hop dance moves and attempted to teach us. After a few failed attempts in learning this new dance move we realized it was time to go and drive home for over an hour and a half so we said our goodbyes and prepared to leave. The only thing we were thinking about on the way home was how fun the event was and how we have some of our favourite shots of the summer to have to edit yet. Jess and Mike, we had a great time getting to know you both and see the love you share, we look forward to where your adventures takes you and hope to work with you again in the future! - Valley Films Crew

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