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Jenny and Miguel

Smoky morning in Chilliwack really set the mood for the day. The team broke up into two, one to be with Jenny and another to be with Miguel as there were two separate locations for them to get ready. The guys had tons of fun and were hanging out and cracking jokes at each other about their tight pants while over at the girls location it was a race to beat the clock with the hair and makeup. When everyone got ready at the guys location we drove to where the ceremony was going to be held. When I got there, first thing I did was get a drone up in the air to scout the arch and see what I can capture to put into the main video. Eventually the crew all met up and got the Jenny and Miguel to look away and say their vows, not only for themselves but for us to have clean audio later on in the editing phase. Miguel did very well not to get a sneak peak at this soon to be wife before walking down the aisle but the same can’t be said for Jenny who just wanted to see him in his suit. They went back to their rooms before the ceremony, we filmed a few more shots before setting up for the ceremony which was on grass and quite a ways from the main building they were going to use for the rest of the night. As everyone was finding their seats in front of the arch, the team was capturing shots and trying to convince the cows from the field over to come closer for the video (it didn’t work). As the music began we had everything recording and as the wedding party walked down the aisle the bride was still nowhere to be seen which had us a little worried wondering if something happened. Then we see a SUV come down the field and drive 25 feet away from the arch and the bride and her father jump out. It gave people a good chuckle and kept the groom guessing till she got closer to her groom. The mountains falling into haze was a brilliant backdrop and kept everyone’s focus on the amazing couple and in the books for the coolest foggy weddings we’ve been to. We then headed over to the river to get couples and group photos, we even saw another wedding couple at the same location, what are the odds! We went to our own little area and the groomsmen were troopers for bringing a full love seat into the woods. We got some creative shots that we have never done for a couple before and it turned out fantastic, the trees falling off into the fog while the sun is just trying its best to break through creating such an amazing atmosphere. The content we got from the couch in the forest made it feel like “it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as I’m with you, I’m home” sorta energy. Then the slow motion walking through the haze is just so romantic and sweet that creating the final video was just a dream. We had an amazing time with you both and thanks for sticking it through the smoky weather, your love really showed through the entire day! - Valley Films Team

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